The Activity Report is a document that gathers several analyses and comments on the aggregate activity of the financial institutions belonging to the APB. It is essentially analytical and intends to clarify for its readers the performance over time of those institutions.

In order to better meet the needs of the reader, as of 2011 the Activity Report has taken on a new structure and contents. This change has made it possible to create a document that not only explains the financial institutions’ performance in a more comprehensive and thorough way, but also that takes into account the macroeconomic, legal and regulatory context that determined it in the period in question.

For analysis purposes, the Activity Report is based on aggregate financial and non-financial information on business activity in Portugal and abroad (through branch offices) by each financial institution (banks, savings banks and mutual agricultural credit banks) belonging to the APB. This aggregate is obtained by adding up each financial institution’s separate financial statements and other management indicators. Occasionally, the analysis uses consolidated aggregate information, especially regarding the international activity of Members operating abroad. Finally, the Activity Report concentrates on member institutions’ activity in the year to which it refers, though always viewed in a perspective of evolution over time.

The Activity Report is published annually and is available on the APB’s website in PDF format.