2nd February, 2015

Associação Portuguesa de Bancos (APB - Portuguese Banking Association) now has a guide for mobility of banking services to provide information to the general public. 

In March 2010, on the initiative of the APB, the Portuguese banking community subscribed to the common principles for mobility of banking services adopted by the European banking sector at a meeting of the EBIC (European Banking Industry Committee)[1].

These principles are designed to benefit customers with full competition between banks in the area of payment services. This will guarantee that customers receive support when transferring these services between different banks.

As this intention on the part of the banks still applies today, the APB decided that it was a good time to circulate the principles in clear, accessible language in the form of a guide for mobility of banking services. It has also made changes resulting from the migration of direct credit and debit transfers in Portugal to the SEPA [2] models, completed in August 2014.

Additional information on mobility of banking services can be obtained from all subscribing banks and their websites.

Look at the guide for mobility of banking services at Conhecer a Banca/Mobilidade dos Serviços Bancários.


[1]The EBIC incorporates the following professional organizations: European Banking Federation (EBF); European Savings Bank Group (ESBG); European Association of Cooperative Banks (EACB); European Mortgage Federation (EMF); European Federation of Building Societies (EFBS); European Federation of Finance House Associations (Eurofinas)/European Federation of Leasing Company Associations (Leaseurope); e a European Association of Public Banks (EAPB).
[2] SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area)