The 'Legislation' section comprises a selection made by the Portuguese Banking Association (APB – Associação Portuguesa de Bancos) of legislation, regulation and public consultations (national and international), using criteria such as relevance, and current or ongoing impact on the financial sector.

The legislation provided is organized by categories such as 'Supervisory Architecture', 'Anti-Money Laundering', 'Business Finance', 'Financial Markets', 'Payment Systems', 'Banking Conduct Supervision', ‘Micro-Prudential Supervision’, 'Macro-Prudential Supervision ', among others.
Whenever necessary, the categories have been broken down into subcategories in order to facilitate and make more intuitive the consultation of the legislation made available.

Because it is a selection, the ‘Legislation’ section is not intended to replace other sources of information. Instead, it is built to provide the most relevant legislation to those that are interested in matters relating to the banking sector.

The legislation presented herein, obtained from third party websites, must be used in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of APB’s website. In addition, and in what concerns the referred legislation, it should be noted that: 1) Efforts have been made to provide, through this database, consolidated versions of existing legislation made available in third party websites; 2) Due to that consolidation, this database does not include legislation that partially amends laws or regulations for which a consolidated version is presented. Legislation that was repealed in full is also not included; 3) Although the purpose of this section is to disclose only legislation still in force, the APB will not be liable for any damage, loss or injury (either personal or material) related to repealed legislation that is presented in this website or in third party websites as still in force; 4) Since it does not control the content of the websites where the consolidated legislation is made available, the APB cannot be held liable for changes or amendments that have not yet been integrated into the consolidated versions of legislation presented in third party websites; 5) Whenever possible, the database will present both Portuguese and English versions of legislation included herein. In the absence of an official translation, only the original version will be made available.